In this part, we are aiming to assess the way the British Government fight terrorism. To do so we will use the Governments most recent review of counter-terrorism policy, 'Contest', published in 2018. 

Using the document, we will analyse the governments key plans and objectives. Using the information from the rest of the site combined with this, we'll be able to assess the objectives from a historical context and determine whether they could be improved. 

The Governments plan is put in 4 simple steps in their review. Read these steps below and think about what each step would involve. Then, decide what step is the most important in combatting terrorism and why.

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Now you have chosen one element of this 4 part plan as being the most important factor in the UK's counter-terrorism strategy, below are the Government objectives for each part. Select the one you have chosen and assess how successful the Government have been since the invasion of Iraq in completing these objectives.

Ask yourselves these and similar questions:

Did they complete all of their aims at the time?

How did events in Iraq influence terrorism?

What could have been done better to prevent these issues from arising?

In your opinion has the Government missed any key objectives out from their lists? 


Prevent Objectives

The objectives of Prevent are to:

  • Tackle the causes of radicalisation and respond to the ideological challenge of terrorism. 

  • Safeguard and support those most at risk of radicalisation through early intervention, identifying them and offering support.

  • Enable those who have already engaged in terrorism to disengage and rehabilitate.


Pursue Objectives

The objectives of Pursue are to:

  • Detect and understand terrorist activity. 

  • Investigate terrorist activity. 

  • Disrupt terrorist activity, including through prosecutions. 


Protect Objectives

The objectives of Protect are to:

  • Detect and deal with suspected terrorists and harmful materials at the border.

  • Reduce the risk to and improve the resilience of global aviation, other transport 

  • sectors and critical national infrastructure most at risk to terror attack.

  • Reduce the vulnerability of crowded places, specific vulnerable groups, and high profile individuals.

  • Detect and prevent terrorist access to and use of materials of concern, knowledge and information that could be used to conduct attacks. 


Prepare Objectives

The objectives of Prepare are to:

  • Deliver a coordinated multi-agency response to all types of terrorist attacks.

  • future threats.Ensure that the UK has a full range of capabilities to respond to current and 

  • Minimise the impact of terrorist attacks on people, services and communities

Finally considering the questions you have just explored, edit the list of objectives you have. Change the wording, remove or add points, or come up with a completely new set. Do this on this discussion board below, feel free to see what others have put up there. (Don't forget to title your submission as Prevent, Pursue, Protect or Prepare).

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