First, watch this news report from the day of the attack:

In 2010, Stephen Timms was a Labour MP, representing the constituency of East Ham. On the 14th May, he was at his constituency surgery (where MP’s meet one on one with members of the public) and here was stabbed twice in the stomach by a British former student, Roshonara Choudhry. She was the first Al-Qaeda supporter to attempt an assassination in Britain.


Timms survived the attack, however the injuries he had suffered were potentially life threatening. A senior police officer stated he was ‘extremely fortunate to not have been killed’. Having been arrested at the scene, Choudhry did not shy away from admitting to committing the crime, stating in fact that she had carried the attack out against Timms, who was her local MP, as revenge for the Iraqi people, since he had voted in support of the Iraq War.


Having been charged with murder, Choudhry did not attend her trial, stating she did not accept the courts jurisdiction. She was sentence to life imprisonment, with a suggested minimum sentence of 15 years. When her sentence was read out in court, a small group of spectators in the gallery demonstrated, shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ and ‘British go to hell’,


The website ‘Revolution Muslim’, which advocates for the formation of a traditional Islamic state, praised her as a heroine for attacking one of the ‘enemies of Islam’. In retaliation for her sentencing, the website published a list of names of all the MPs who had voted in favour of the Iraq War and gave advice on how to find their constituency surgeries.

UK Terrorism

UK Terrorism

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